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Oil Boom Fabric
UV exposure Stabilized Flexibility
Acid-Alkaline resistant High Abrasion-resistance
Excellent resistance to crude oils, gasoline, fulels   Flame resistance
,Hydrostatic resistant   Cold Crack resistance
NCF oil boom fabrics are made by knife-over-roll coating and hot laminated process. NCF oil boom fabrics take advantages of UV exposure resistant (>1000Hr), acid-alkaline resistant, hydrostatic resistant (>500psi), and chemical resistance to crude oils, gasoline, fuels (<20% wt loss). Orange or yellow color boom fabrics are mainly used for oil booms, oil containment booms, oil spill containment booms, debris booms, barriers, turbidity barriers, baffles, water baffles. .
Technical data
Attention:The technical data given in the material data sheets are based on our latest knowledge and offered without liability. All components of our NCF fabrics are in accordance with the European REACH direction. Our fabrics are manufactured in China under the internationally recognized quality Standard ISO 9001:2000. We reserve modifications of the mentioned values for technical reasons, values without tolerance statements are values with tolerance of±5% .Please contact us for sample requests. For further information please contact our Sales Department: sales@ncfcoating.com
Color chart


Attention:For color it can be customized by RAL K7 color chart, PANTONE coated color chart.

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