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Business Strategy

Look inside NCF, and we need to take into account our competitive position and highlight our strengths and unique selling propositions. Assess our advantage in terms of product, service, staff, distribution, and technical support.

Operation Strategy

Service Foremost, Professional Solution

Nuclear Coating Fabric believes that service is the most important to our operation. Our goal is to spare no effort to enhance customers’ benefits and reputations. We always put smiling, meticulous, professional plastic products that serve as the survival of the country. Meanwhile, the highlight of cost-saving, excellent performance, tightly workflow, prompt respond, and the pursuit of customers’satisfaction to the most significant extent are also our fundamental service beliefs.

Professional Solution. NCF is dedicated all our time scored a success in the plastic product industry. Our partners received various positive and negative feedback from end-users, and we need to provide professional views and efficiency solutions to support our partners as always. For further cooperation, we also include integrated industry solutions. Those solutions require our sales and representatives to bear insight into our industries deeply. We believe that there are no business barrels, no business problem`, but feasible solutions. All our people should provide workable solutions to our partner for benefits and reputations.

Develop Strategy

Going Concern, Live and Let Live

We are going Concern. NCF desires all our employees a long-term point of view, especially in profitability, credit risk, finance cash flow, brand credit, raw materials price fluctuation, regularly product quality control, employee career development, eco-friendly & recyclability, etc. significant issues. Meanwhile, our long-term development objectives must also step-by-step, systematic, and principled, strategically achieved. NuclearCoating Fabric Co., Ltd. is a founders’ commitment from the intimal, most of the employees finally fully integrate themselves into NCF’s platform. Hence, We beyond the founders’ commitment to a dream platform of everyone in the NCF team. We need to reserve enough resources required to continue to develop indefinitely. Moreover, NCF is already provided services to more than 50 countries, and we aim “to be a sustainable partner in media.” Hence, we ought to be going concern to support all of them.

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